13 December

The Ghost In The Machine — Part Two

PART TWO THE CLASH OF TWO CULTURES In 1989 a graduate from Oxford University, England, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. He envisioned the “WWW” as an internet-based hypermedia initiative designed for global information sharing. In 1990 while working at CERN (the world largest particle physics laboratory) Berners-Lee wrote the first World Wide Web […]

26 November

The Ghost In The Machine

The Ghost In The Machine

“Reality employs simple elements to create increasingly complex systems, yet reality never permits the complex systems from losing their dependency on the simple elements.” Our most primal devices, which facilitated our survival and secured our evolutionary position, have been undermined in the modern evolution of computer technology.

17 August

Hospice Society of Greater Halifax Website

Hospice Society of Greater Halifax Website

We have just launched the website for Hospice Halifax, as a volunteer I offered my design services and looked after creating a website that will support the great services that the society provides to our community.

14 July

Firefox Blocks Flash

Adobe’s Flash software is now blocked by default on all versions of the Firefox web browser. Flash Blocked

1 September

China develops facial recognition app to speed up spending | The Times

Academics announced that they have developed a system which will allow users to make transactions online authenticated by a photograph of their face. They are planning to launch an app, which will link to users’ credit cards and bank accounts, in the second half of next year. Facial recognition app to speed up spending | […]

28 April

Internet Explorer bug used by hackers to attack U.S. firms – Business – CBC News

As a web developer and designer, I always hated IE. I tried many times to inform customers over the years about the pit-falls associated with the many incarnations of Internet Explorer… here we go again. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari are better solutions to the nightmares attributed to Microsoft’s offerings. Internet Explorer bug used by […]