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I was just watching an episode of a show that I’m catching up, a girl is looking at family photos of her past, remembering happier moments. My mind was flooded with its own memories of a time long since past, I was thinking, there are hardly any pictures of me from my youth. No family gatherings, picnics, trips to the countryside or the beach, there are a few, our trips to Weymouth when I was around seven — I take more pictures in a month than what exits of me in my lifetime! My memories of the deck-chairs stacked on the prom waiting for happy holiday makers to rent for a day at the cost of half a crown with a wind breaker thrown in. My mementos, the ephemera, tickets, postcards. You know those crazy old ones that they sell in those sand drench beach front shops. I remember going to see Von Ryan’s Express on the movies on one of those trips, it was the summer of 1965 — I was seven.