Will Self-driving Cars Become Ubiquitous?

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Ray Kurzweil, Futurist, and Google’s director of engineering, has predicted many things over the years. He was the inventor of the first CCD Flatbed Scanner, and the first print-to-speech reading machine for the blind. Here’s a great article in The Times on how he thinks the world is going to change — read and learn!

Here’s a couple of the topics:
Michelin-starred insects
Currently a fun food fad, insects will become mainstream in about 2016, firstly being used discreetly to create other foods, such as meat sauces, nut replacements and burgers or sausages. Mini-livestock (insects) are already becoming more popular as countries begin to embrace the possibilities of entomophagy, most notably the Netherlands, where it has been pioneered by Wageningen University, which started promoting insects as food in the 1990s.

2017: Self-driving cars
“Google self-driving cars have gone half a million miles without human drivers on highways and city streets, with no incidents. Within ten years they will be ubiquitous.

Google’s Ray Kurzweil predicts how the world will change | The Times.